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"We almost sold our site earlier this year… and now we are all very glad that we didn't! - The Total Transformation affiliate program has doubled the profitability of our website since we started running it a month ago. Legacy has provided amazing support and there's a huge range of great webmaster tools to help you get up and running. Easily one of the best affiliate programs in this area for a great product that is helping parents all over the world."

- John McGregor, TroubledTeensInfo.com

"It was a pleasure working with Legacy Publishing Company to promote the TT Program. The articles, text links, banners, and buttons were all simple-to-use and a real hit with my site's visitors- within a few days becoming one of my site's most lucrative affiliate programs. The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful- this program is a real winner!"

- Ellen C. Braun, RaisingSmallSouls.com

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Empowering Parents is a free website and email newsletter that provide useful problem-solving techniques for parents of children with behavior problems.

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