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Welcome to Legacy Publishing Company's Affiliate Center—the place for you to connect with the world’s premiere producer and publisher of personal development products and services for families. Our mission is simple: to provide ideas that improve lives. And since 2005, we’ve been doing just that for more than 370,000 people.

Becoming a Legacy affiliate means you’ll increase the value of your website while earning income. All you have to do is review our products and recommend them to people you know, or on your website. The best thing about our programs? They work because they help people improve their lives by giving them real skills and techniques.

So if you are passionate about helping people build lasting relationships with their spouse or within their families, or if you are a teacher, principal, coaching professional, therapist, social worker, doctor, counselor, or the owner of a website or blog, or if you simply love our parenting/relationship products, you are invited to join our affiliate program.

Legacy Publishing offers more advanced tools than almost any other affiliate program available. With one of the highest pay-outs in the self-help industry, you can earn up to $100 per sale of our programs. Because of our nationwide advertising on TV and Radio we have great brand recognition—which helps you sell our programs.

Each affiliate has a dedicated contact available by phone, email or IM from 9am-5pm EST 5 days a week. This contact will work with you to get the most out of the program.

We hope you’ll join our affiliate group today. Click here for more information.

The Legacy Publishing Company Affiliate Program is intended for affiliate marketers, bloggers and website owners to earn a commission for each program that is sold thought their specific affiliate links.

Affiliate Testimonials

"We almost sold our site earlier this year… and now we are all very glad that we didn't! - The Total Transformation affiliate program has doubled the profitability of our website since we started running it a month ago. Legacy has provided amazing support and there's a huge range of great webmaster tools to help you get up and running. Easily one of the best affiliate programs in this area for a great product that is helping parents all over the world."

- John McGregor, TroubledTeensInfo.com

"It was a pleasure working with Legacy Publishing Company to promote the TT Program. The articles, text links, banners, and buttons were all simple-to-use and a real hit with my site's visitors- within a few days becoming one of my site's most lucrative affiliate programs. The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful- this program is a real winner!"

- Ellen C. Braun, RaisingSmallSouls.com

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Empowering Parents is a free website and email newsletter that provide useful problem-solving techniques for parents of children with behavior problems.

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